15 October 2020

Dear Laca,

On the subject of baby Laca is so frustrated...

Girl, you are so frustrated with yourself lately.

You’re 7 months old.

You’ll reach to pinch something between your fingers and miss.
You’ll try to put the ball through the hole and it’ll roll away.
You’ll try to crawl somewhere but your legs won’t quite do what you want them to.

And that’s just it - right? You’re brilliant and your brain knows what you want your body to do. You have a plan. But your body fails you because it hasn’t developed the right amount of coordination yet, or because your muscles aren’t strong enough yet.

I’m sure you’ll constantly be frustrated by things like this. GAH!

I don’t have any words of wisdom here. It’ll be infuriating. And then one day, on the 1331st try, your body will do what your brain wants it to do and you’ll be excited for a moment. And then you’ll be frustrated by the next thing.

I wonder how you’ll like to celebrate :) I can’t wait to celebrate your little wins!

❤ your mother