31 March 2021

Dear Laca,

On the subject of baby laca learns so well...

Sometimes I get a little glimpse into who the person you’re going to be - who you are.

You’re learning to walk right now, and it impresses me so much that you know exactly what you can and cannot handle.

Right now, you can handle indoors, and concrete. You’re having a hard time walking on mulch and grass since it’s so uneven.

But you’ll try grass. You’ll get right up to the edge of the concrete and take a careful step. Then another.

You’ll slow down. You’ll take your time. Then you’ll head back to the concrete. Always so careful. So meticulous.

I bet you get your aversion to risk from me. Or maybe you don’t like to fall idk. Anyway…

Mulch is another story.

You get right up to the edge of the concrete, and you reach for my hand. I slip my finger in your palm, and you continue as steady as you are indoors!

I hope you never lose your sense of balance - balance in trying things on your own and asking for help.

❤ your mother