18 September 2020

Dear Laca,

On the subject of piercings...

Alright, right off the bat I’ll tell you when I got all of my piercings.

Italian women get their babies ears pierced when they’re super young, so my mom got mine done at my pediatrician’s office at 3 months old.

I got my belly button pierced when I was 18 on a trip to Ocean City with my best friend Morgan.

And lastly, probably TMI, but anyway I got my left nipple pierced when I was 19 AGAIN in Ocean City (really, what is it with that place that I just went crazy lol I have absolutely no idea). One of my best friends, Katrina, went with me.

I didn’t end up piercing your ears as a baby because I’ve been too nervous to ask your pediatrician of she does ear piercings. It seems like such a dumb question lol. And I couldn’t imagine taking a baby into a tattoo parlor - which is where you should get them done by the way. Not a Clair’s or the mall but a professional. If going to a tattoo parlor makes you nervous, I can totally go with you or call ahead and ask all the dumb questions. Also, for some reason your father didn’t want me to. Something about getting to do it with you when you’re old enough and want to get it done. Idk it makes me sad not to have followed tradition.

You’ll probably want to get your belly button piercing at some point, and I don’t blame you. Your stomach is flat, you can totally pull of crop tops lol do it girl! One thing I will say is that for some reason our skin rejects the metal, so you’ll likely only get to have it for a summer and then the skin ends up getting really thin and weird looking. Ask to see mine. It’s not a cute look lol. But, at my age no one really pays any attention 🤣 just a personal insecurity I carry around sometimes.

I freaking LOVED my nipple piercing. It doesn’t ever close and the hole is totally not noticable so you do you girl. It does significantly increase sensitivity so consider that if your nipples are already sensitive.

❤ your mother