14 September 2021

Dear Laca,

On the subject of dressing double for school...

Hey Laca Flaka! I’d like to mention my thoughts on clothes for school.

Now, I don’t want to hinder your ability to dress however you want, because when you’re 16, your body’s amazing and so you should totally dress however you feel most confident, or dress to catch whoever’s eye you’re interested in catching at the time.

But, what I want to talk about is that in high school - or in school in general, or actually in all of life - you’re actually playing two different games. You’re playing a game with all of your friends, where you want to dress smoking hot or in whatever style your friends are dressing. But you’re also playing a game with your teachers and here’s where I want to introduce the concept of cognative bias.

So, everyone has cognitive bias. Me. You. Your teacher. Everyone. So it probably will play into that bias if you dress unassuming - just generic good girl. Laca, the eager to learn student. Then the moment you step into the hallway, Laca, the eager student, becomes Laca, the sexpot, or Laca, the punk rock kid. In order to do that you’ll probably have to layer up. A hoodie would be versitile enough, that way if you want to show a little cleavage in the hallway, you just zip it up for class.

Okay it sucks that it works this way, but I think you’ll find that like getting A’s will be easier. If you can pull off that dichotomy, you can have everything you want in the world. You can have your grades. You can have your person, your friends, whatever. I just don’t want you to forget about that second game where it really does serve you to kind of play two audience’s cognitive biases.

Sure, it’s a little manipulative lol but I think that’s how the world works and so I think you should know about it.

Alrighty, as always I love you.

❤ your mother