On the subject of I don't have any words to describe how much I love you...

21 October 2020

You can’t possibly know how much I love you Because I can’t possibly explain it.

I can’t explain How I feel totally at peace when I’m nursing you. You’re balled up around my belly, staring up at me and catching your eyes in that moment, Sound leaves Thought flees And all that’s left is you and me, kid.

I can’t explain How happy I am when you’re happy. You’re on your back giggling, cheeks squishing your little eyes nearly shut and hearing your laughter in that moment, I never want to hear anything else I never want to change moments Just you and me, kid.

I can’t explain How loved I feel when the lights turn on for the first time. I’m carrying you to the couch Your face pressed into my shoulder and having the entire weight of you No space between us Like I can somehow save you from everything Just you and me, kid.

❤ your mother